February 15, 2017 / update

Lucy teaser

As the project nears the start of construction and we are digging into the final details, we went down to shoot a little video of what it's like to spend a week in the quiet little beach town of Nosara, Costa Rica where the resort is being built. Hope to see you down there when this is done.

Typical Week in Nosara, Costa Rica from Benjamin Oliver on Vimeo.







December  27, 2016 / update


The final countdown 




We are in the final few months of design before the NYV project launches in April . The renderings are coming in and the details are be worked, re-worked, re-worked, re-wor... you get it. We are really excited to get this project underway!








September 27, 2016 / design


When we can relate to it we love it. 




I recently found this image on a Tumblr and was completely obsessed with it. The sheen vs the matte, the smooth vs the rough, holes vs solid, and so on. All the wonderful tensions I love in design. The creation of my favorite little anthophila that keeps the entire organic crops and flowers of the world alive. Beauty in functionality. Without them we would not exist, as well, where would we be without the land of milk and honey. 

Point being... look for this gorgeous design evoked in some way in the project I'm working on in Tribeca.










September 10, 2016  / update

East village 



We recently wrapped up a residential gut/rehab project in the west village. The client allowed some artistic freedom so we designed a clean modernist feel for this bachelor space. There were subtle details throughout the project to help soften / personalize the space. The integral cutting block in this image was one of my favorites. It was a piece of Norwegian drift wood crafted into a knife block then integrated into the custom steel shelf that runs the full length of the kitchen. This space was a small, nearly closterfobic feeling before this renovation, it now feels much larger, open, and allows room for entertaining. 







June 11, 2016  / update

Views from the 506


BOAD recently began work on a project in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It is a home that will eventually be developed into a retreat for Hindu studies and meditation as well as a place for yoga and international cuisine. 

The Clients have a strong background in the Hindu culture and have traveled/studied all over the world. They bring a vast diversity of influence and input to the project. Aside from the usual excitement assumed with starting a new project with great clients, the opportunity to work on a site like this doesn't come along very often.







March 18, 2016  / design

When you see good design...


I recently attended the Architectural Digest Design Show and fell in love with a chair. It was one of those pieces that's so good it makes you question your own skills. This kids' chair (holds 350 lbs) was one of the best designs at the show. It's called the Bambi chair and was done by a Japanese designer named Takeshi Sawada. The sheep design is really great as well but the Bambi faux fur did it for me. Nice work Takeshi.








February 12, 2016  / update

Friends with benefits


A friend of mine recently bought a new apartment in NYC and asked my to redesign the entire space. The project is a total gut rehab, and at 600 square feet the size is both a blessing and a curse. It has given me some great insight into just how much space one person really needs to live comfortably but also challenges the client to re-examine his "stuff". looking forward to the design details of this project.







September 15, 2015  / update

Play Ball !


BOAD was recently asked to design a little league field for the team that makes up Eastford and Pomfret CT. The project needed to be easily buildable and also make a statement.That being said, making a statement in a small town in rural Connecticut can be tricky, it's very easy to overdesign in this setting. The Project is being rendered now and will be on the projects page soon, we have yet to see if this one will make it to construction.





April 13, 2015  / update

LUCY Resort - Nosara Costa Rica


The LUCY project moves into design development. Last month I visited the site to resolve a few of the remaining design issues and move the project into the next phase. While on location we were able to meet up with some investors, builders, and a few local heavy hitters to help push this thing along. The LUCY project has spent a year in development so far and is shaping up to be a wonderful project and an amazing destination when complete. 







February 4, 2015  / update

Rockville Relocation 


The Rockville Revitalization project has been relocated and the new site offers a tremendous amount of opportunity for creative solutions working with the remediation of the existing buildings. This project has taken me all over Italy doing research to ensure the authenticity and a broad spectrum of influence for design yet still the most exciting aspect of this project is the sheer beauty of the site. 








January 28, 2015  / update

B.O.A.D.   x   MIKEY CO.  for Cutting Edge


I recently had an opportunity to collab with my cousin and fellow creative on a skate deck for a local skate and snowboard shop - The Cutting Edge. This shop has been in my life since before I could drive a car, it's always been my go to for my snowboarding, BMX, and outerwear, I even worked there for a short stint in my earlier days. So when the opportunity came to create something for the shop, an artist series skate deck, I was all over it.          








December 10, 2014  / update

Benjamin Oliver wins "best in show" at open studio.


This was a very exciting and unexpected surprise. One of the pieces from the water mark triptych series was entered into the group show along with 180 other artist from around connecticut. The piece was selected by a panel of judges including Cathy Malloy, wife of the Connecticut governor, as Best in Show of Hartford open studio 2014.         







November 10, 2014  / design

Honey gets a facelift. a good one. 


I came across this beautiful packaging for honey on Behance. I Love the design of the bee and the opening mechanism is clean and simple, like everything else on the label. well done.

It's the companies first product and I haven't been able to locate it on the market but the company is out of Greece so hopefully it hits the US markets soon.








October 4th, 2014  / update

BOAD to showcase large scale art in Open Studio, Hartford CT.


 BOAD will be participating in the 25th anniversary of Open Studio in Hartford CT. The events are scattered throughout the month but the open studio days are Nov. 15 and 16th . BOAD will be showing some of the most recent artwork created for some current projects as well as some personal work.

Hope to see everyone there.  



 July 24, 2014  / press

DesignMilk does a write up on the Hebron Home


DesignMilk is a fun and classy website that covers everything design and lifestyle. I feel privileged to be part of their coverage. to check out the write up click :



July 24, 2014  / press

SELECTISM covers the Hebron home 


SELECTISM, the fashion and lifestyle news website , has decided to do a story on the Hebron Home. As an avid follower of this media source it was very exciting to see the write up.  to see the full story go to






July 5, 2014  / Book

Hebron Home book wins gold at CADC


It was a great night of food, drinks, and lots of the creative minds from throughout Connecticut at the New Haven country country club. What a great experience it has been to work with CO-LAB to put this book together.






June 10, 2014  / Book

The Hebron House book is complete


Over the last eight month BOAD has worked with CO LAB to bring the story of the Hebron House to the public rhelm.  We felt that the Hebron House represented so much for BOAD as the first project completed, it needed to be showcased in a way that was as beautiful and as well crafted as the home. I had a great experience collaborating with CO LAB to bring this concept alive, it was fun and educational, as well personally and creatively rewarding. I look forward to working with them again.


Please click here for a digital copy of the book.



May 23,  2014  / Update

BOAD begins work on resort in Costa Rica

BOAD has recently began the schematic design for a 14 room resort in Costa Rica. The project offers an opportunity to explore the architecture of the Spanish country coming together with the styles of the greek coastline. Sustainability is a top priority as always, but especially when designing in the fragile ecosystems of a tropical rainforest.  The resort will be designed to connect people to the rugged elegance that is Costa Rica. 






April 16, 2014  / Books

The Art of The Idea

This is a great book for anyone who struggles with bringing ideas to fruition or anyone who is dealing with a challenging client or aspect of any project. Everyone who picks it up usually finishes it in one setting, partially because it is amazingly informative and also because it's very concise writing.

It is produced by one of my favorite book companies / stores, powerHouse Books in DUMBO. Next time you're in Brooklyn take a walk over, they have a beautiful store right off Riverfront park. 





March 10, 2014  / Video

The Flight of The Bee.

I really found this video amazing and thought it would be a great intro to the new blog.  Enjoy.

Morphology of a Bee